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Residential EV Charger Installations - Pegsat

Seamless Residential EV Charger Installation

Pegsat Communications provides seamless and professional residential EV charger installations. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, having a convenient and reliable charging solution at home is essential. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering top-quality installations that enhance your EV ownership experience while promoting sustainability.

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Residential EV Charger Installation

Residential EV Charger Installations - Pegsat

Customized Solutions

We understand that each home and EV owner has unique requirements. Our team works closely with you to design a tailored charging solution that suits your specific needs, ensuring optimal placement, electrical compatibility, and charging capacity.

Your Equipment Your Choice

Unlike other EV charger installation companies we let you choose any EV charger brand or model. We’ll provide guidance if you’d like and make sure the model you choose is compatible with your home’s electric panel and energy capacity.

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Electrical Upgrades

If your home’s electrical system requires upgrades to accommodate the EV charger’s power requirements, we offer professional electrical services. Our team can assess and implement any necessary electrical enhancements, ensuring a safe and efficient charging setup.

Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians possess the expertise to handle all aspects of the installation process. From assessing electrical capacity to routing wiring and mounting the charging station, we ensure a neat and seamless installation that adheres to all safety codes and regulations.

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How Residential EV Charger Installation Works

Consultation & Assessment

Our team will schedule an initial consultation to understand your charging needs, evaluate your home’s electrical capacity, and recommend the most suitable charging solution.

Design & Customization

Based on the assessment, we will design a customized installation plan, considering factors such as charging station placement, electrical requirements, and any necessary upgrades.

Professional Installation

Our experienced technicians carry out the installation with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a safe and reliable charging setup. We handle all aspects, including electrical connections, mounting, and proper cable management.


Once the installation is complete, we thoroughly test the charging station and verify its functionality. We ensure that all connections are secure and perform a final inspection to guarantee a successful installation.

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