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Whether you’re a homeowner, apartment complex manager, source federal contractors for military base projects, or any other type of project… Pegsat Communications is ready to help. Pegsat communications is a nationwide certified EV charger installation company that can handle installs ranging from a homeowner’s garage to multi housing units and large commercial installs.

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Residential EV Charger Installations - Pegsat

Residential EV Charger Installations

Experience the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home with our expert residential EV charger installations. Enjoy faster charging, reduced costs, and embrace sustainable living.

Commercial EV Charger Installations

Supercharge your business and government facilities with our professional commercial EV charger installations. From bustling shopping centers, hotels, and hospitals to corporate campuses, parking garages, and public institutions, we help diverse organizations embrace the future of electric mobility.

Commercial EV Charger Installations - Pegsat
EV Charger Maintenance and Repairs - Pegsat

EV Charger Maintenance and Repairs

Ensure the smooth operation of your EV charging infrastructure with our reliable maintenance and repair service. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to keeping your chargers running at peak performance, minimizing downtime, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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Call us directly or send an email. Tell us about your EV charger installation needs and we’ll schedule a time for an onsite assessment and detailed quote.


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We’ll look at your property’s layout and infrastructure and determine the best and least invasive way to run the wiring for your installation and provide a guaranteed complete quote.



On your scheduled installation date our expert technicians will show up on time and install your EV charger or chargers. They’ll give you a walkthrough on how to operate the charger, shake your hand, and wish you well.

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